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2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Singapore

Good Day: May your everyday be a good day

Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre.

After starred in “Love in the moonlight” in 2016, Park Bo Gum became the youngest

artist to be named “Actor of the Year” by Gallup Korea and also the first ever actor to

top the Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes.

For his latest K-drama “Encounter”, he is starred alongside Song Hye Kyo. Brought

together by fate, they first met each other in Cuba, and started their love story. Being

“the warmest boyfriend”, he met his Singapore fans on 9 March 2019 at The Star

Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre.


You know a genuine person the moment you see one, and the moment we saw Park Bo

Gum, we could hear angel bells ringing. After the successful conclusion of his latest

drama ‘Encounter’, the hot actor was once again back in Singapore for his Asia Tour.

It has been two whole years since the actor last held a fanmeet in Singapore, and

despite it being only his third visit here (his second being Music Bank Live in Singapore),

the star is still as humble and giving as ever. Seriously, once you’ve been to his fanmeet,

there is no way you will see fanmeets the same way again.

As the stage light darkened, the screen began rolling and fans started to fervently

welcome Park Bo Gum with their passionate screams and rousing applause.

Descending from the stage in a charming grey suit, Park Bo Gum started off the

fanmeeting with a cover of DAY6’s “I Like You”, to the excitement of many.

Soon after, the first half of the fanmeet began and the actor started talking about what he has been up to recently – to which he revealed that he would be preparing for his

next film project the moment he lands in Korea.

Following that, 3 lucky fans were selected to go onstage, and were given a once-in-a-

lifetime opportunity to reenact famous scenes from ‘Encounter’ with the actor himself!

Under the envious eyes of many, Park Bo Gum became a fairytale romance come true

for the three, we can’t help but swoon too.

For every stop of the tour, the talented actor also made it a point to personalize a candle

for one lucky fan, and Singapore was not an exception. A table was brought out and Park

Bo Gum got his creative juices ready. Wanting the candle to be a true representation of

the Singapore spirit, Park Bo Gum made sure that the candle was filled with blue sand

(to represent the blue skies and seas) and perfectly fitted with a lion and five stars.

And that was not the end as he still had many things up his sleeve prepared for his fans.

His generosity and love know no bounds and the actor continued to gift items from his

personal collection to a number of fans. Some of the items included his official

merchandise (such as his 2019 Seasons Greetings) and even a hat he wore on a trip to

Universal Studios Singapore previously!

After concluding the extremely interactive first half of the fanmeet, the tempo shifted

and the latter half was more of a mini-concert. Changing into an angelic white shirt, the

seasoned actor began to flawlessly belt out track after track. A medley of songs such as

Baek A Yeon’s “Always Be With You”, IU’s “Through The Night”, JYP’s “Honey” and his

very own “My Person” were sung, all of which were picked in hopes of conveying his

honest feelings to his fans.

From slow, melancholic songs to fast adrenaline-pumping ones, not only were we

impressed at his ability to pull off flawless renditions of all kinds of songs, we were

charmed by his doe-like eyes that were gleaming with sincerity as his performed. His

infectious smile definitely radiated energy and positivity unlike any other, and we soon

found ourselves grooving along as he sang.

As with all fairytales, all blissful episodes have to come to an end, and as Park Bo Gum

sang his final track, a cover of Deulgukhwa’s “Blessing”, the 3-hour fanmeet came to a

satisfying close. Throughout the fanmeet, we were amazed at how passionate and

generous he was, and we were also impressed at how vocal he is with his love for his


All throughout the show, there was never an instance where he showed his tiredness.

Even until the end, Park Bo Gum was thinking about his fans, and each and every

audience member even walked away with a hi-touch and letter from the actor! Time

passed by in a blink of an eye but we are glad to see him staying true to his humble roots

and it was truly a good day to remember.

Coverage by: Hallyusg


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