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AOMG - Follow the Movement

Date: 1 May 2017

Venue: Suntec Convention Hall

AOMG, short for Above Ordinary Music Group, is a recognisable name among fans of the

Korean hip-hop scene. The label consists of renowned producers and rappers such as

Gray, Loco, Simon Dominic and Jay Park, the founder of AOMG, who were all in town for

the tour.


One of Korea’s best hip-hop entertainment team finally held their AOMG Follow The

Movement Concert tour in Singapore on 1st May 2017, probably making it the best

Labour Day holiday for AOMG fans.

The 5 AOMG Crews, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco and DJ Pumkin, cranked up the

heat in Suntec Convention Hall 601 during their 2-hour concert with 1,500 fans.

The crowd truly had their moods lifted with Loco holding the first stage, singing his hit,

“높아2 (We up there 2)” from his 2015 album ‘Awesome’. We can’t rap like the original

but we definitely were able to jam to the song, singing “We came from the bottom now

we high”! Crowd favourite, Gray, joined Loco up on stage next and performed

“RESPECT”, featuring the perfect mood maker DJ Pumkin!

Fanchants were never as loud as when Simon D opened his stage with the one and only,

“SIMON DOMINIC”. The heat from the crowd never died and reached its peak when Jay

Park took over the stage, and brought endless goodies such as “Nothing on You”,

“Aquaman”, “All I Wanna Do”, “Joah” and “Solo”. The poor rapper had a cough and

runny nose and asked the audience to sing for him if he coughs halfway through, that

wasn’t a hard request because everyone was having fun and singing along with him

already anyway! Squeals were all over when Jay took off his outerwear AND shirt!

Joined by the rest of the crew, they continued to bring the concert to its peak with “Me

Like Yuh”, “Put Them Up”, “Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party”, “You Know” and chart

killer “MOMMAE”!

The ear-piercing screams for an encore stage brought the AOMG crew back, the party

ended with “Who You?” and “I Like 2 Party”, not before taking a group photo with the

crowd; no AOMG concert will be considered as an AOMG concert without the ending

group photo, ain’t it!

It’s easy to say we definitely fell into the black hole of AOMG and Hip-hop by the end of

the concert. We can’t wait for the crew to be back in Singapore the next time, with a

non-married Simon Dominic, preferably.

Coverage by: Jae @ KAvenyou


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